Large scale scandal by Indian IT companies…

Inmarsat glass building, City Road, London (Rodney Burton) / CC BY-SA 2.0

Today we are exposing a scandal of major IT company…to protect its identity we will call it Farzi company.
It hires people as software engineers but they are being used as something else also without their knowledge or on..

Visting farzi company’s campuses is a charm. Every building ,every foodcourt is a piece of art,but have you ever wondered how farzi company maintains such lavish lifestyle for its employees even though the market is collapsing and profits are dwindling,why farzi company takes more than 30000 freshers every year and has a bench strength of upto 30%?

Well the answer lies in the new style buildings of farzi company. Take for example sprawling farzi company campus in chandigarh . The entire building is made of Glass,to be more precise complete transparent glass,with a full view of outside right from your desk.

Now one may wonder why a company that technical would want to distract its employees like this. If you look closely just in front on farzi company building is a mall,with big bright banners and logos of companies,movies etc.
The mall is so strategically located that employees could see it right from their desk and almost from every portion of the building .
The staircases system of the building brings the employees directly in front of the mall.
Does all this remind you of something/?..Yes web advertisements…a site that provides you useful content but its main aim is to make you see advertisements.

farzi company it seems has taken this a step further and set up a bond with mall authrities who pay per view(similar to pay per click)
Though we suspected that IT companies such as the farzi company had other sources of income to sustain,but this story was broken to us by an employee (called farzibaba to protect his identity) who grew suspicious when the building architecture didnt make sense to him

Farzibaba said “Glass building get heated up real bad during summers due to green house effect, we used to sweat a lot and instead of covering the building farzi company provided us with noisy fans. Our repeated requests to cover up the building were ignored,to top it all there were no blinds on the side mall. This was soo strange.”

It seems that farzi company has setup high end cameras to track employee eye movements and determine which bill board they are looking at. Using this data they chanrge the company pay per view. To maximise their revenues they keep more and more people on bench and still keep hiring. Its like increasing traffic on your website

Experts inform us that almost all IT companies could have gone the Satyam way had they not switched to this model. Raju the MD of satyam was not aware of this tactic and as a result Satyam went bust.

So if you are an employee of such a company remember you are being productive even when you look outside the window though your company will not count it as your productivity and give you bad appraisals. They not only earn when you do not work but also instead of sharing profits,they give you lesser hikes,Its like killing two birds with single stone..

Expose such scandals…become our farzi reporter

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