Karnataka ministers caught watching porn respond

Karnataka ministers caught watching porn in state assembly while parliament was in session have responded to the controversy by claiming that they were not watching porn for entertanment but were trying to find objectionable content on web which should be banned

We were trying to see what kind of objectionable content can be found via google and  help the govermnment to strengthen their case against companies like google and Porn in Karnataka state assembly

They claimed that in their hearts they wanted to protect the innocents kids of india and so as a sacrifice decided to expose themselves to objectionable content and get it banned.It was all part of a study exercise

They also claimed that they were planning to put up a case agaisnt that website and get the porn video removed.

We plan to personally find every objectionable content and get it removed.We also want to put a proposal, that ,to set an example every member of the state assembly must spend atleast 1 hour each day to find such content. If we are nor willing to expose ourselves to such degrading content, who will? Who will get it banned

They proposed a porn hour to be conducted just before question hour to help fight this menace.

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