KRK and Rakhi sawant in a movie

If rumor mill is correct , this year may be the best year bollywood has ever had. The biggest hit of all times might be on its way.

As the nation awaits with baited breath the start of movie Deshrohi-2 starring none other than KRK Kamal R Khan,the rumor mill is abuzz with gossips on who could be his leading lady . This move is sequel of insanely popular Deshdrohi.

Recently KRK tweeted that Rakhi sawant is the biggest entertainer of india, sparking speculations that he is thinking of giving her the honor. This story made to the front pages of indian news papers ,pushing down irrelevant news such as “no polio case reported in 1 year ” .

DeshDerohi2 poster

KRK Rakhi sawant and Dolly BIndra in next deshdrohi 2

Deshdrohi -2 would anyways be a hit ,sorry super duper hit , because of presence of Kamaal R Khan, the biggest superstar in the smallest package ever to have existed or will exist, but with presence of bombshell Rakhi Sawant even imagining the success of the film blows our mind. Its like imagining how Big is the universe

If this story is true, ladies such as Vidya Balan,Asin(who was hopeful because KRK kissed her virtually every night),Aishwarya Rai and Sonam Kapoor would have a very teary night ahead.

Government is planning to declare a national holiday when Deshdrohi -2 is released and also deploy troops outside movie halls fearing violence .This frenzy is something india has never experienced before.There are plans to temporarily  convert the parliament to a movie hall as well.

Rumor mill also tells us that after this rumor, Rakhi was  given an offer to act in all future bond

movies as a Lady Bond ,but she politely refused because they wanted her to apply makeup and act fake.Also, they could not procure the Kohinoor diamond for decorating her dress. She cited creative differences

“Mein Fake nahi hoon, mein jo hoon waisa waisa act karoongi na”

Some people also suggested that to make it perfect , they should also include a love square with Dolly Bindra acting as one side.But there were concerns that audience may not be ready for so much awesomeness in one film

Reporter: KRK threatens to send his commandos for every thing so keeping the reporter’s name secret 😉


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