Is Kiran Bedi Real?

There is a lot of debate going around in intellectual circles regarding the existence of Kiran Bedi. Is Kiran Bedi Real? Does she exist?

Many analysts believe that Kiran Bedi is a Myth, a tale of legends passed from generation to generation via various mythical stories ,while others believe that it is just a recent phenomenon born out of frustration of the masses and spread around and amplified in its dramatisation via Chinese whispers. Some even suggest that Kiran Bedi is a state of mind.

The theory of legend though stands on thin ice because legends generally have one single story with minute changes based on local languages, cultures and beliefs.The current data on Kiran Bedi and what she supposedly said or did seems to be in debate with itself , something that sparked this debate itself.

Reality in itself, some people say, is a myth but based on what we know as reality and real people and existence , Kiran Bedi seems to not fall in that category.

Scientists are trying to find out if someone has actually met the real Kiran Bedi to ascertain if she really exist, was she real at some point or is it all , just a myth

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