Bangalore Landlord requests tenant’s Kidney as security deposit

Fed-up with tenants whining over security deposit in Bangalore for a 2 Bhk flat ,one landlord(Name withheld on request) has come up with a novel solution to the problem. Instead of asking for a few lakhs as deposit, the landlord has offered his tenants to pay in Kind.

Tenants can now simply give security deposit by giving their kidney. The landlord has already tied up with Apollo hospital where the doctor will remove the kidney in a simple 20 minute operation. The removed kidney will then be stored in a cryogenic container at subzero temperatures to prevent it from decaying. Once the tenant is ready to leave, the kidney would be refitted back .

The cost of operation would be born by the tenant, but since it is way lower than the security deposit the landlord feels that it should not be a problem.

In a statement to media the landlord said that

This is a much better way to take security deposit as it saves tenants from excessive financial burden initially . It is good for landlords also because they can be assured that the tenant would not dirty the house.

Regarding legality of the system, since no sale of Kidney is happening there seems to be no violation of law.The landlord seems to be on the right side of law.

There is a chance that a new industry for mortgaging and re-mortgaging kidneys may emerge. This has made many banks excited at the possibilities it could open. Bangalore, they say, can become the Financial capital on the new world.

Experts predict that the rend might catch on.



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