Kasab’s parents buy insurance policy

Ajmal kasab,s parents have bought an insurance policy for their son’s life in Pakistan.

Ajmal kasab insured

Mohammed Ajmal kasab insured

Ajmal kasab , the terrorist caught alive in India is convicted for murdering 166 people in Mumbai during a terrorist attack on Mumbai in 2008, and is currently awaiting execution of his death sentence

In-spite of all the evidence such as tape,pictures,witness testimonials and a death sentence he still has not been hanged because of slow judicial system of India.

His death sentence was stayed by supreme court of india sand it is  hearing his case.

Going by the history on Indian system, Ajmal’s parents are convinced that he will die a natural death inside the jail rather than death by hanging. Looking at this possibility they applied for his insurance policy and surprisingly they got it. His policy was no more expensive than a normal 24 year old man ,and owing to the healthy diet he is being fed in prison, he is among the low risk group

Just to let the readers know, anyone hanged by the government is not eligible for payment of insurance but  if the person dies of natural causes, insurance is paid

The beneficiaries of his policy are his parents and his alma-marter  Lashkar-e-Taiba,


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