JK Rowling reveals that Harry Potter is Real–Not a story

JK Rowling , the author of epic Harry Potter series has finally revealed what everyone suspected, it is not a fictional story.
Harry Potter is real -Thundered Rowling at a recently help press conference.

Rowling said that she has met the actual characters of the book and they regularly visit her using their magical powers. She revealed that they are timeless beings and can live on as spirits and ghosts.
The events described in her book actually happened 1000s of years ago and she was chosen as a medium to disseminate that knowledge to the humanity.

Humanity needs the message of love, courage, sacrifice and brotherhood like never before and that is why the beings decided they she write their true story –said Rowling

Regarding when did the magical kingdom actually begun and when was the epic battle of Hogwarts fought , Rowling said that the exact date can be determined by using the clues in the book that historians can deduce.

This new information can potentially shake the whole world and start a new religion that can overcome every existing religion ,and usher a new era of peace where all people are bound by a single religion.


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