Lack of Inspiring Tagline leads to Startup’s Faliure

I tried everything, from google to asking industry leaders and even …can you believe : Actually buying books, but to no avail, I failed.–

Said an irate and emotional sandeep while explaining us the reason of his startup’s faliure.

Sandeep started his venture <name with held on request> in january 2012. The company was an IT services company that provided paradigm shifting outsourced solutions to global clients using their global delivery system ,perfected to provide greatest value at minimum cost.

Everything was right as Sandeep claimed, just that he could not find That Perfect Quote that represented his company and motivated his employees.

Motivation is everything and a quote is the best thing that can happen —said sandeep

Sandeep gave examples of quotes that inspire other companies such as the Famous Hair Raising quote of Infosys

“powered by intellect driven by values

Or HCL’s ”
“Technology that Touches Lives”

Sandeep said that he searched and searched for that one perfect quote but NOTHING came out. He spoke to industry leaders,googled and even READ books. The result was that the clients could never understand what his company did, the employees were confused about what the company stood for and how to modify their actions based on tagline  and all this led to great losses and finally the closure of company.

In his parting words sandeep said

An advice to all startups, before starting GET YOUR INSPIRING QUOTE, else all will fail

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