Infosys training employees in Short Hand to save paper

As part of it’s recent cost cutting program ,struggling IT mini Giant Infosys is reportedly training all its Software System Engineers in the art of Short Hand to reduce number of notepads being used by them.

Shorthand is an abbreviated symbolic writing method that increases speed and brevity of writing as compared toinfosys policies a normal method of writing a language.It is widely used by note takers such as Stenos and even reporters.

Infosys management believes that by training its employees in short hand writing , they could reduce the amount of paper usage by up to 23.76%.

It should be noted that currently, unlike other IT companies, In Infosys an employee cannot just go to the stationary room and get a pen or a notepad, but has to put in a special request. There also is a necessary time lag between requests , for eg an employee cannot get another notepad within 15 days of getting one.

This policy has created a lot of problems for various employees who still rely on company to give them basic stationary. One employee quoted that

Unlike my peers,I actually use my notepad for taking notes in meetings. Hence my notepad gets filled up in 8-10 days. In spite of my showing them my filled notepads as proof, the authorities refused to give me another notepad. I had to take notes on the conference room table

It should be noted that some days ago a few Infosys employees refused to attend any meeting as they had finished their notepad before the stipulated 15 days. This new training in shorthand would potentially solve their issues.

Infosys management has hinted that they might soon also train employees to use a different colored pen to write on top of already filled notepad to increase the paper usage to 2X. A massive 100% utilization jump.

This new training is also being projected as a perk for working with infosys and is expected to reduce its industry leading attrition from 16% to 15.987%.

The stock market has reacted positively to this news.

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