Infosys dude rejoices Ties are Back email.

Infosys technologies limited..Oops only infosys has pretty stringent dress code policies such as beautiful stylish and trendy ties are to be worn by its Male employees on Monday and Tuesday. It relaxes this rule for only a few months for summers and that relaxation period just ended for this year, so basically Ties Are BACK

I wear my Tie even when i bath

I wear my Tie even when I Take a bath

In news, it seems one employee Chintu singh is ecstatic with this news. Chintu remarked that we should always wear ties as it reflects professionalism

Wo college hi kya jismein padai na hi….Wo professional hi kya jiske gale mein tie ne ho– is what chintu believes in. He wrote to us to say that he was unhappy that Ties are only compulsory for 2 days and not all days.

I wish Infy made Ties compulsory forever,even on weekends . You represent THE BRAND and that doesn’t stop even when you are at home. Chintu is reported to wear his tie even when he sleeps , he recently wore a tie over a kurta during a mourning ceremony of a friend who committed suicide by choking himself with his tie.

He wears his tie even when he takes a bath or on a vacation. See what if someone made my MMS ,as an infosy employee I should look Professional all the time. What will the clients think if they see me without a Tie?

See ties have a lot of secondary benifits apart from making you a professional

I can use to wipe my mouth , it saves me from carrying a  handkerchief and since we don’t wash ties often it saves water.

It also hides my missing shirt buttons and the various coffee stains . I can finally use my fav shirt which has 2 missing buttons and 3 stains .

Plus when your tie falls in your food it evokes laughter from your team mates thus fostering team spirit.

Once my PM tied me to my Seat using my tie until I finished my Code, man that day my productivity was awesome–Said Chintu


My Tie , I tie to client likes profession– wrote another employee rocket singh who can barely string 3 English words together but believes that Ties somehow makes him look stunningly professional to the client and makes him a chick magnet


~User submitted story ….wishes to remain anonymous

Also see IT Dude starts Tie rental service for IT guys

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3 Responses

  1. paromita says:

    ha ha ha
    loved it ///specially the uses the tie

  2. sreechand says:

    woww…Such a rejoice.. Chintu must be a jerk

    • farziadmin says:

      Chintu singh rockss …everyone has their own perception of good and bad.
      Last heard chintu became fond of Ties after over hearing his Crush Jalebi bai say that men look good in Ties.
      He didnt get Jalebi but still kept that thought 🙁

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