Indigo: Plane speed to be decided based on donations in Speed Donation Box

After deciding to charge passengers for seat preference(even middle seat) Indigo airlines has decided to push the envelop even further

Indigo airlines is setting up donation boxes inside all it’s planes to boost revenue. These donation boxes are not simple donation boxes for charity ,but have an alternate usage. The donation in these boxes will be tracked and the speed of the plane will be decided based on it.

Indigo spokesman said that

It is more like the toys kid ride in malls and other play areas  , you put in a quarter and the train moves for 3 minutes”

In this new system passengers would be encouraged to put in Rs 100-500 notes, which will increase the speed by 1 and 10 miles per hour (on ground)respectively. To compensate for this increase speed, the planes would run at half the original speed. Where original speed cannot be compromised, the plane would take detours and move in circles to slow down the overall speed.

Indigo aims that people who are in a hurry or want to reach on time would be willing to chip in a  little more and also convince other passengers to donate generously to the speed fund.They are planning to let passengers in a hurry to pitch to other passengers via announcement systems. They claim that this will also improve communication skills of passengers

The indigo spokesperson added that

This is not unethical , this is business, you want speed then pay more. Every business needs to maximize profit. Plus we are also contemplating treating this as Tips which will be given to the Cabin crew and pilots . We can reduce their salaries based on the amount of tips received in any sector

The pilots and other airline staff union leaders were unavailable for comments


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