Opinion: Indians displaying concern for freedom of speech religion and communal harmony are basically against development

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People who are shouting for idiotic things such as net neutrality , beef ban , increasing intolerance among religions are not only assholes but also against development.

It does not matter to them how much india progresses  , they are selfish idiots more concerned about their individual freedom than innocent cows.

These retards are actually against development , else why would any one on their sane mind protest for a simple thing such as porn ban?

These Sh** H**** keep talking about Gujarat Riots as if those lives matter now? Its been like gazillion years and it does not count anymore.

So what that modi’s cabinet members were accused and convicted? Modi was not (yet). So what he made one of the accused as a minister after she was accused , an accused is not a criminal until proven guilty.She ended up being directly responsible for killing 90 people, so what? It was a spur of the moment and when she was made the minister she was just simply an accused not a convict. Have some respect for the constitution.

These idiots try comparing the development done now to that by congress, ha..you forgot how much corruption happened in their time? So what if manmohan singh or Sonia gandhi or Papu have not  proven guilty of anything? Do you have any doubt over their culpability?Gandhis have looted India, it has just never been proved in courts.Where is your common sense

A change is happening in this country , we have a PM for the first time , hindu dharma is also rightly taking its rightful place and India is back on track to become like ancient India, a diverse , scientific and tolerant nation. People who resist this change should be deported to pakistan


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