Why Indian kids perform better than american kids in US schools

In a research spawning 7 long years scientists of university of Rhode Island has finally figured out why Indian Kids perform better in US schools.

Why Indian kids perform better than american kids in school

Why Indian kids perform better than american kids in school ?

The study was financed to find out why exactly the grades of most indian origin students were startlingly  higher than average american student’s score and ,what changes can be brought about in education system to make it better.

The study analysed various factors such as eating habits, effects of genes,parental influence,effect of spices ,study patterns and sleep patterns of over 100 students over the course of 7 years.

The final conclusion of the report is simple, Indian students score more because they study more. Though seemingly simple ,it is considered as an important milestone as it reaffirms the faith that there is nothing really wrong in country’s education system.

It also conclusively proved for the first time what everyone’s grandmother tells, study hard and you will get good grades. When farzi news interviewed a weak student he said

“I never took my grand mom and mom’s advice seriously, now i know they were so right. “

When we asked for a quote from some grandmothers, they laughed at the fact that this research was done.

Researchers defended their research claiming that there is nothing obvious, every obvious also needs to be verified and scientifically proven. Now we know that its nothing to do with food and spices and that’s a good sign.

Though it seems to be a very logical inference, some groups seem surprised and asserted that this is a failure of education system. The system rewards the nerd while punishes the smart. The system heavily favors students who study. It rewards Hard work rather than smartness. Smart kids find themselves alone and sidelined. Education they say, should  be all inclusive

The research cost taxpayers 7 million dollars

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