Salaried Man asks Government to take All his salary and pay him the tax: Starts a petition

With recent changes in taxation of income, the salaried class is really happy with the Indian government.

People were giving more than 50% in tax and living a life of a beggar in the hope that they will be using their EPF to live a happy life after retirement. The Government broke that foolish dream by showing it’s commitment to repay those who financed the last election campaigns. Salaried class celebrated as they can’t afford to get lazy even in their old age.

Our correspondent talked to Mr. Finance Minister. FM clearly pointed out that salaried class deserves no money to live as they are hard working people. If the government will leave the money to salaried, how will the politicians and their financiers live a comfortable life without doing anything?

MOS Finance said that real victims are those investors who invested in our risky election

campaigns and we will need to  pay them  first, as higher risk yields higher returns.

After listening to the genuine concerns of our government a salaried man created a petition for fellow citizens to support the government whole-heartedly by asking it to take the entire salary and give back Tax to the salaried citizen. Text of this petition is as following-

“Dear  Tax Paying Citizens of India,

Please help us to reach out to government to listen to our problems related to taxation in India. As tax payers are “real minority” in India, government is trying to exploit the maximum from us. We are no “Vote Bank” but we are engine of India’s growth. Government think that we are rich but most of us came from poor families and burdened with education and home loans. All the rich people are avoiding tax by using illegal means. Government is offering them amnesty & punishment to us. Government should have praised us for our success and celebrated our hard work. We see that government is doing exactly opposite what we are expecting. Hence we give following proposal to government:

  • We propose to government to take away all salary as tax.
  • Instead of giving salary, government can give us Tax as that will be bigger amount than what we are getting after taxation.

As a fellow Indian, I request you to help us reach to the government with above demand so that we can save our future generations from using illegal means to evade tax.”

Please sign the petition to support the government in its mission to loot salaried class and distribute wealth among poor industrialist and politicians.

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