Indian Government to start Blogging contest

Rumor has it that Indian government is all set to start a new kind of marketing activity, a blogging contest. The topic will be “issues bigger than corruption.”This they say will be India’s (Maybe world’s) biggest blogging contest ever

India's biggest blogging contest

Blog for the government

It has been reported that government machinery has run out of ideas to take the steam off Anna Hazare’s jan lokpal movement that targets corruption. Unlike previous protests ,jan lokpal bill protest doesn’t seem to be going off voters mind, so they have decided to turn to bloggers to generate the next Big idea that not only can get people to forget corruption but also help them win elections,something at the level of Roti Kapda aur makaan.

One congress party member on condition of anonymity said that their paty meetings are becoming like brainstorming sessions and people actually have to use their minds .

“We are no longer allowed to use roti kapda aur makaan slogan, how bad is that,how can we be Congress,this is our base and should never go away”

He informed that till now they have played their following cards

  • Kashmir(Ace card)-did not work
  • Reservation–Doesnt seem to be working
  • Inflation–Just started and is being tested

Apart from this they have discussed various other ideas such as

  • Changing slogan to Roti,Kapda,Makaan,TV,Fridge aur Internet
  • Starting lucky draw for free space trip
  • Making petrol 10 rs cheaper on Christmas
  • Starting an amusement park in Parliament
  • Killing some leader

This new idea of involving bloggers was suggested by India’s future PM and heir to the Royal throne of congress party president Respected Shree Rahul Gandhi Ji(Rahul Baba).

This blogging contest would start soon and all Bloggers from India would be invited. The winner would be chosen democratically and the one with most facebook likes would win.

What about award: The winner will be given a Life time pass on Kingfisher airlines. All flights will be free for the winner(Taxes and other charges not included) and also 11 Lakh INR(1.1 million) in cash

100 runners up will be awarded indias latest inhouse built Tablet Aakash

Blogging community is abuzz




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