Indian Government to Send Multi-Trillion Dollar Notice to US Companies and US Patent Department

In line with BJP’s agenda of winning the world with old Indian knowledge, Rajnath Singh took India’s claim of scientific knowledge to the next level.  He had earlier claimed that Heisenberg’s theory of uncertainty is based on Vedas and Western scientists just stole our ancient knowledge.

Today he went on further to say that every innovation in the
world is already mentioned in Vedas and hence India deserves all the patents of the world.Rajnath Singh on Veda

Taking cue from Home minister, Indian government officials are preparing a multi-trillion dollar notice. This notice will be sent to all Patent Authorities and companies worldwide(Yes even US).The patent claims that  All the royalties which were ever collected on any patent ever should be immediately transferred to India.

In the benefit of humanity the Indian Government has graciously forgone any fine and damages.

officials who preferred not be named said that

This money would be used for public welfare such as providing security to Baba Ramdev.

In the meantime, BJP leader who chose to remain anonymous claimed that royalties from these patents will be distributed among the indians. Every indian will get 3 crore if this whole royalty is brought back to India.

It is to be noted that people are already expecting 15 lakh each ,once black money is brought back.

This leader also claimed that He is the next PM candidate from BJP and will raise this issue time and again.

When our reporters asked him whether he knows how much royalty is collected till date,He claimed ignornce.

In the meantime, when we contacted Rajnath Singh and asked why he didn’t send
his kids to study Vedas and rather sent them to western countries for  studies. He politely replied that my kids went to western countries to learn how many innovations are copied from Vedas so that royalties can be estimated.

Just like Black Money, BJP government is damn serious about getting royalties back
to India and make India the centre of knowledge by teaching Vedas to everyone.

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