India to send a Cow to Moon – India’s Moon Mission

After Russia’s announcement that they would be sending a man to moon, India too has joined the moon race but a bit differently.
India will be sending not a man, but a Cow to moon.
Sending a cow to moon has various advantages

  1. Since cow is holy , Gods would protect it and the chances of a successful mission would be many times higher
  2. Space is filled with harmful UV and gamma radiations which a Cow is immune to. The space suite or space shuttle shielding required for protecting puny men would not be required for a cow. Only a basic oxygen tank should do
  3. Whatever shielding is required would be done by the Cow’s shit inflight
  4. A cow can store food in itself, so no need to send food. It can anyways drink it’s own urine which is pure and holy so no need for water

The cow would be encouraged to shit on moon’s surface to make it holy and fit for humans.

Scientists claim that once a cow is there, it’s moo vibrations would attract gasses and suddenly create a think layer of atmosphere around moon, something which it lacks at the moment.

There is also a theory that the Cow may adapt to it’s surroundings inflight and learn how to breathe in vacuum of space.

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