India Number 1 in taking Pride in Bribery and Corruption

A recent research by London School of Economics has revealed some disturbing trend about corruption and bribery around the world. The school did a comprehensive world wide survey for “Which country takes maximum pride in giving and taking Bribes” to find out if bribery was considered intrinsically wrong among the citizens of a country. Shockingly they found that most citizens of corrupt countries did feel a sense of pride, of achievement after they engaged in corruption. The school undertook massive surveys and also mapped brains of people to see if their reward centres  light up when thinking of taking or giving  bribe . The results though shocking , were too surprising as it more or less matched the order of corruption index of a country(Corruption Rank) . The biggest exception though was India, which though perceived to be less corrupt than many countries had citizens who took most pride in giving and taking bribes.

Indian’s sure are the proudest when they avoid a speeding ticket by paying 50 Bucks—Said one of the researchers

LSE economists claim that a countries corruption level could be measured by the Pride factor (PF: Measure of pride people feel when giving or taking bribe) They also claimed that this research could potentially aid governments to better fight corruption as it seems to do less with systems and more with the Pride associated with it The top countries were

  1. India
  2. Afghanistan
  3. Chad
  4. Venezuela
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Bangladesh
  7. Russia
  8. Pakistan
  9. Vietnam
  10. Mexico

Indian Corruption story , just got a new twist.Check out (india corruption ranking)

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