India falls short of Fire Crackers as Pakistan starts importing them after BJP #BiharElections Loss

Indian Diwali may not be as noisy like last year due to our “friendly” neighbor Pakistan. After BJP’s loss in #BiharElections, pakistan is anticipating huge country wide celebrations as predicted by Amit Shah.

In lieu of this celebration Pakistan has bought almost all Firecrackers / patakhe available in India and placed huge orders for the next month as well , making crackers scarce in India.

Not only is this making firecracker prices go up but it may actually be very difficult to get them.This has outraged various Indians and they want a ban on firecracker export

When asked why they were selling it to pakistan, so close to diwali ,the Crackers association responded

They are paying us much more, why shouldn’t we? No one questions farmers when they sell the best produce to outsiders, why this selective outrage against us? Do we not have the right to earn a decent living? We can now pay decent wages to our child laborers

We reached out to Pakistan counterparts for comments and they said that though they realised that buying so many pathakas would impact the financial health of the country, celebrating #BiharElections seemed like a good cause and they do not want to be intolerant by preventing their people from celebrating


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