India is 100% Literate: UPA

Congress poll symbolIf you can recognize the Poll symbol on the right side, you are literate , claimed the new ruling by UPA government.

Congress leaders , to get a better picture of illiteracy, have decided to change the way we measure illiteracy.

As per the new definition ,

a person is literate if he/she knows where to get the right information

As per congress spokesperson the best place to get information is always the government ,which is anyways represented by Congress and hence the Hand Symbol.

Congress Spokes person said

Why do people even need to read when we can tell them what they need to know. They just need to come to any Congress Camp(Identified by the hand symbol) and ask.

It is reported that congress will take up charge of all knowledge from social media, to health , to agriculture to even voting decision on behalf of all Indians. They just need to ask and would be provided with pre approved information.

By this ruling, India is now 100% literate , perhaps the fastest country to achieve this.

Congress congratulates all Indians on this proud day and has asked them to orally submit their congratulatory messages to local Congress Party booths ,which will then post it to everyone’s Facebook ¬†after mandatory clearance/s.



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