Now it will be illegal to use a spoon in Andhra Pradesh

Norway splits Indian Family

Norway splits Indian Family

Taking a leaf out of Norway law where child protective agencies took custody of 2 indian children including one still breast feeding on the grounds that their parents were unfit to be parents, some states on India have decided to implement similar strict laws to protect children.

Among the scores of Laws suggested we have picked a few for further discussion

1. In states like andhra pradesh, it will be illegal to feed your kids rice with a spoon. You will have to use hands. Using hands they say promotes more motherly touch and strengthens the bond between mother and the child. Forks will be banned throughout the nation. Chinese and Japanese have been advised to not use Chopsticks as it is not indian culture .

2. Babies diapers have to be changed on bed: This gives children better feel of their future sleeping place

3. One adult must always sleep with the kids: India is place where parents and kids have a very strong relation. Living with parents is not a shame but a matter of pride. Even if kids don’t live with their parents ,they still go and spend considerable time with them and owing to small homes they have to share bedrooms. This is a practice for values. Also ,kids are afraid of stuff like monsters ,presence of an adult will make sure that they sleep well

4.No independent rooms for kids: Apart from India suffering from space constraints , this rule is to prevent children from getting wrong habits, Many indian kids are falling for drinking,smoking and drug abuse and they generally hide these things in their rooms. This rule will prevent it

Any family found violating any of the rules will be broken and kids will be taken away and placed in foster care homes or juvenile correction homes to correct their behavior.

Special care will be taken to make sure that in case of foreign citizens such as from norway, parents visa’s are not extended and they are forced to leave the country with their chidren in good hands of Indian Government.Indian government will let the kids return after they turn 21

We ask our readers, is this fair?

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