IITian creates App to calculate Indian Stretchable Time

When most people are after a fat paying job ,an IITian ,Virendra, has left his cushy offer with Microsoft to start his own App development company

To start ,he has created an App that can calculate the Indian Stretchable time with an accuracy of 15 minutes. In India, people generally extend the time as per the customs and wish, for eg an Indian might reach a 10:00 AM meeting at 10:15 in office but may reach at 10:45 if the meeting is in a Cafe. Similarly almost No Wedding procession has ever reached on time.

This leads to a lot of problems for tourists and companies dealing with Indians. Recently an American friend of Srinath ,Dan, reached the wedding of their common friend Raj at exact 8:PM(stated time), but the baraat(wedding procession) came at 11:45. This frustrated Dan enough to not even give a gift to the bride and groom. What surprised him was that almost all guests reached at 11 as if they knew that the Barat would be late.

Looking at Dan’s and 1000’s of other non Indian’s frustation Srinath decided to build an App that can calculate the exact Indian Standard time

The inputs are

1. Stated Time

2.Occasion(wedding,family function,meeting)

3.Place(Home, office,outside)

4.Community (Punjabi / All others)

Based on these inputs the app will run a query of 100s of data points it already has to calculate the nearest actual time ,called Indian Stretchable Time.

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  1. January 17, 2015

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