Man fails to get into IIN: Commits Suicide

Raj: A middle aged 35 year old , mildly obese man always dreamed of becoming a pilot, but family life , other priorities and his horrible physical fitness(He could walk a whole 10 steps without panting) prevented him from doing so.

But now with IIN he thought he had a shot at doing whatever he wanted because apparently they know how to do it . To start he applied to IIN to get INN-Idea-Internet-Tv-Ad-2014admission to basic flight courses and all that jazz using his IIN recommended smartphone network (Idea) . He was all set to start his education and even resigned from his job on seeing the IIN ad , ending his job by standing on a his desk and announcing “See you in Air..BI*****” .

Sadly for him IIN rejected his application , without any explanation or reasoning. He became the first ever IIN reject in the long history of the college . This drive Raj into depression and alcoholism. He strarted abusing his family and frineds and becoming anti social. The final nail in the coffin came when he heard that Shama Ji Ka Ladka (sharma ji’s son) graduated from IIN in wine tasting and chakhna mixing . Raj could no longer take this and decided to end the shame and suffering on April 1 10:00 Am. He still had his IIN Phone in his hand when he died.

He is survived by his wife and 2 kids.

IIN is still not given any statement on why he was rejected .

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  1. kaint says:

    Survival of the fittest

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