Arnab Goswami to stop Flushing to save India

Arnab Goswami, The man on a mission to make India’s collective IQ 100 has done the unthinkable, he had decided to question himself in his own style.

Very recently he read a report that many Indias (Not the fake ones…the REAL certified ones, the ones who vote for BJP and do not belong to a certain religion) do not have access to clean water, and this made him question himself. He also posted the question to all viewers

Would he rather stop flushing that shit or, kill some babies

The answer was clear, he cannot kill babies, hence he would stop flushing that Shit, he would let it simmer untill it decomposes. He would rather use that stench to inspire his journalism.

The message is loud and clear, if you flush your shit, you kill babies…

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