Humanity originated in India not Africa- Dr Harsh Vardhan

During the 102nd edition of the Indian Science Congress Dr Harsh Vardhan of BJP made a controversial statement that contrary to popular belief, Humanity took birth in India , Not Africa as claimed by the western scientists.

He said that the theory Humanity Originated in africa , was a ploy to Rob India of it’s heritage and importance and it was time to get it back.The fact is that Humanity Originated in India .The Scientists all over the world, jealous of India , have been trying to prove that life and humanity originated else where even though the facts were staring them right in the face.

He said that both prevalent theories African Origin and Multiregional origin of modern humans were wrong and they were just hypothesis, but Indian Origin theory is a fact , a fact written in stone.

He claimed that the first signs of life emerged not in oceans but the mountain peaks of Himalayas from where it gradually migrated to the ocean.The signs of evolution can also be seen clearly in India as we have many Animal Gods , even our Gods came to earth in animal Avatars as humans were still evolving.

He cited indian texts which clearly state that it was Brahma who created the world and since he was an Indian, India came first .

He urged anthropologists to shun the devilish work of international scientists and go back to the roots and spread the message that Life originated in India.

He also stated that it proves that all humans were Hindus and hence the world needs to have a Ghar vapsi now. It is time to come home


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