How consultancy really happens—a candid interview

With all this restructuring going around in various companies, we go behind the scenes to interact with major consultancy companies who suggest/recommend these reorganizations in the name of reinventing the company



Reorganization explaines

Reinvention ,reorganization or something else

Here is a candid interview our Reporter had with a head of major consultancy firm ,which recently spearheaded a reorganization for a Big Indian firm

He spoke to us on the condition of anonymity . To protect  the identities we will be calling our reporter farzi Reporter and the company in question farzi company.




Farzi Reporter: So what type  of clients do you consult

Consultant: Every type, big firms,small firms IT companies,Govt agencies

FR: So you also consult Farzi company

CC: Yes we do

FR: recently you recommended them to merge all their departments and make only 3 departments

CC: Yes we did, we found that they were not able to focus  on their verticals properly and a lot of time and effort was spent on inter department communication and synchronization, also we wanted them to project a single face to the client rather than dealing with different departments.Now they would be able to focus more on work rather than inter department communication

FR: So you are saying that to make them focus on their business and have proper communication they should have less departments

CC: Correct

FR :were you not the company that recommended them to break their departments into numerous sub departments a few years back

CC: Yes we did

FR: Any reasons:

CC: yes we found that they had too few departments and were not able to focus on work as the breadth and scope was so huge, to focus on one particular niche area we felt they should create smaller departments that focus on niche areas

FR: OK, so you recommended to break them down so that they can focus properly on their work

CC: Yes

FR: Now to solve the inter department synchronization(whatever it means) and give homogeneity you suggested to again merge them

CC :Yes, that’s the need of the hour

FR: So your consulting recommendation after a few years is also pretty much set

CC: What

FR: When will you suggest them to to break into smaller departments

CC; If they are not able to focus on the entire breadth and depth of their business ,the need of the hour would be break them down into smaller departments

FR: so thats what we mean,after few years the cycle repeats

CC: You need to move according to the need of the hour

FR: SO need of the hour is to merge so that you can divide

CC:Need of the hour is decided by market dynamics and companies’ changing culture and leadership

FR: SO is it like saying good bye to meet again

CC;Pretty much

FR: thank you, I will meet you again in a few years to ask the exact same questions when you reinvent the company  again. Can I have a date

CC: Keep in touch, will let you know.The next reinvention of the company will depend on how fast the company grows and its culture changes, we will study ,analyze and give recommendations based on that

FR: SO basically …never mind…Will meet you in 4 yrs ….Thanks


Quiz time: What will the consulting company recommend for the next reorganization after four years?

Prize: winner will get a free life time subscription to online version of farzi news

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