New Health Tip: Your Bodies are not meant to move

A new health fad is quickly emerging among the American people regarding how your bodies are supposed to move. The claim that is being made is that Human body is not actually supposed to move,It is supposed to stay as still as possible like a tree.

The idea stems from the fact that many people view exercise and movement as unnatural and forced.This idea is actually backed by science

We analysed 1000s of  test subjects and their natural state of being. It was stationary and relaxed. Any kind of physical exercise would agitate the body, make people breathe more than necessary, agitate the brain with hormones,,use more oxygen and lead to muscle fatigue and tiredness- Said one of the researchers

This idea does seem revolutionary as it is completely against how humans have been living since past centuries but scientists estimate that if people stopped moving so much the total muscle tear would reduce , people would be more at peace and the overall oxygen requirement for sustaining life on this planet would reduce.

Scientists also gave a health tip to people :”for betterment of the society, they should move as less as possible. People should use as many machines as possible if they want to achieve perfect health”

Scientists also urged health insurance companies to charge lower premium from lazy people as they may actually be saving the planet

There is a chance that evolution would take over and some humans may evolve into kind of trees of the future.

Currently the idea is gaining ground among middle aged men and college students. Though some women too have joined this new health fad , it is mainly gaining ground among men.

What are your thoughts about this? Is this the best health tip you ever received

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