New coke Ad becomes a nuisance for waiters

Coke recently released a new ad Haan Mein crazy hoon where people are shown offering coke to random strangers such as the sales man at shoe shop,a street dancer and a waiter at a restaurant.

Though seems like a nice and novel Idea, this has become a nuisance for many waiters across the country. The issue is that people inspired by this ad have actually started offering waiters Coke in the middle of their work. Not only is it unhealthy but also hampers with their work.

Some of the waiters interviewed said that

I have gained 5 Kgs since atleast 4-5 people offer me a coke every day now, which I have to drink,else I annoy them and lose my tip

another one said

I almost lost my job when I could not fulfill orders because I was having my 7th coke of the day at that time

Another waiter very concerned about health said

I never drank coke before, because it was unhealthy . I was more of a nimbu pani person ,but since this ad, I have to drink a few cokes every day. I now have acidity problems.

One waiter rued that it has actually led to decrease in his tips

Initially these college saabs and memsaabs used to give me 10 rs tip, they are students and that’s all they can afford. Sadly now they have stopped tipping me whenever they offer me a coke, coke has become a replacement of tip. I wish to tell them, I am a poor man, I need money not black water.

It is clear that most of the cokes being offered because of these ads are being offered to waiters ,possibly because of easy access.

Many hotel owners are planning to Ban offering coke to their waiters during lunch hours. They plan to introduce a gift coupon system where instead of a coke you could buy a gift coupon for the waiter which he/she can use to buy anything from the hotel.

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