#gurgaon: To discourage women from working, a group of men decide to go on Rape rage


A group of men who identify themselves as MAWW(Men against working women) has decided to change their tactics of just opposing working women and move to more radical ways to protect what they feel is the right place for women.

Taking a leaf out of Gurgaon administration which Banned women from working after 8:PM after a few women were raped ,MAWW has decided to go on a rape rampage in other cities to get similar laws implemented in other cities.

Their Idea is that with government rules such as there they will be able to discourage enough employers from hiring women and thus keeping the number of working women low.

MAWW claims that the right place for women is at home in a kitchen and working women destroy families and future of women in indiamake women immoral. The leading cause of rape as per them is the rising number of working women

They have instructed their followers to attack,rape and molest women especially at around 6 PM.This they believe will force administrations to pass laws to Ban women working after 6:pm. They will then gradually pre pone the time to 5:00 and then 4:00 and ultimately  getting the government to ban women from working at all.

Given the way Gurgaon administration has reacted, it seems their plan will work

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