Government creates Govind Tiwari to Fight Anna Hazare popularity

Govind tiwari, can he beat Anna

Can Govind Tiwari Beat Anna Hazare

The Indian Government has finally figured it out, how to fight the Anna Menace. Anna Hazare and his crusade against corruption became a sensation using mediums like Twitter and facebook.

There had been many crusaders fighting for various causes, but to no avail ,as they never got enough support and publicity ,but in the age of internet ,news spreads at lightning speed,internet creates its own heros its own villans and its own movements.

Drawing a leaf out of this philosophy the government decided to create a new Internet Hero named Govind Tiwari. The government has well understood that this generation can only talk about one thing and they don’t want it to be Lokpal Bill,hence they gave them something completely unrelated to talk about. Govind Tiwari

The Janta falls for either extremly good or extremly Bad things, since the government was unable to create any thing that was good enough to counter Anna Hazare’s popularity, they decided to use the Mob tendency of social media  to promote something extremely Bad.

They created a character called Govind tiwari, a typical indian village boy who thinks orkut is still Cool, set up his website with jarring images and blinking eyes and even created narciist videos of him.

The result:

Govind tiwari is trending on twitter world WIDE. Dont beleive us?

Check this out!/search/%22Govind%20Tiwari%22

His blog


Who is govind tiwari

Aankhon hi aaankhon mein ishara ho gaya

A government source on condition of anonymity said that we were sure that he will be well accepted by indian audience ,who will forget about Corruption for a day at-least , but we didnt expect world wide  success.We thought only our countrymen enjoy making fun of others and watching others make a complete fool of themselves, we didn’t know that it was a natural human tendency be like this

It seems terrorist also have been checking his page rather than planning the next blast in mumbai .Govind tiwari might have saved some innocent lives today.

After this immense success ,Govt plans to create various such characters from time to time to keep the population busy and away from any real issues. Its seems governments from other countries will also follow suite


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