Google Maps plans to divert traffic to advertisers

Google is overhauling its mapping systems . With majority of GPS users relying solely on google maps for directions , Google has decided to monetize this service

Google will now tweak your route in such a way that preference will be given to routes which have Google’s advertisers shops/establishments on the way.

Google Maps to be overhauled

Google mas to send you to its advertisers

Eg: Suppose you are looking for coffee and are navigating to say dunkin donuts , google will give you a map that will take you via startbucks. Google hopes that this will tempt you to just buy coffee from starbucks.

In adsense a new category for ‘Real traffic’ will be started where advertisers can bid for various keywords just like normal adsense for web traffic.

Security analyst say this may just pass the privacy laws as its no different from paid search results that many search engines used to use in earlier times.

This new mapping system will come into place sometime by end of this year as per the reports


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