God decides to delay ARMAGEDDON as he finally enjoys the comedy Earth

This news will shake the feet above the surface of all “End of the world” Theorists . God recently revealed his plan to delay the armageddon. God revealed this plan to Mr Joses of atlantic city while he was coming back from a casino. As per his account

Suddenly the lights starting flashing, there was thunder and voices exceedingly loud  and there was this sound of God which told me that he has decided to delay the scheduled armageddon as he now finally enjoys the comedy Earth

Joses revealed that most people ran into their cars and inside their homes, but he stayed on to receive the revelation . He said that God gave him his top 10 comic things happening in the world

  1. People kill each other in my name..Duh. So to prove that I am better than me, you killed someone..HAHAH
  2. People actually think I like money–WTF but anyways LOL
  3. So basically 1 Facebook share is 1 prayer–Wow. BTW for this news article, every share would be considered 1 prayer
  4. You think I give a Damn about what you do in your bedroom, and with which gender? I mean seriously? And what is this thing about I hate Gays and lesbians? Why would I create them if I hate them
  5. That there are some people more equal than others who can talk to me–Dude I created you all, you think I have the time to monitor  your every action even when you poop but not talk to you if you so desire
  6. That I will punish you with eternal damnation if you do not believe in me—Oh man oh man, this is insulting ok. Am I a narcissist or what?
  7. That somehow you can kill the planet-Oh really? So you wanna play GOD? All you can do is kill yourself, the planet was always there. Stop saying save the planet, start saying “Save yourself”
  8. You people take yourself too seriously. I thought I created a chilled out Adam Eve..Just to enjoy life, what happened?
  9. You seem to enjoy blowing up things a lot, come on, that’s my Job. You really want to see something blown apart, look at the stars. Big Giant explosions
  10. You think everything is an Omen.. That day a lady decided to not go to work because a glass of milk slipped from her hand and that supposedly is a BAD omen…LOL Love the way you invent these things. People who started it have a special place in heaven , they are like my court jesters

GOD further stated that he enjoyed these comical things so much that he has decided to let it continue for a little more time. More things such as trying to assign “Him” also a gender and making “his” face also sometime make him smirk a little

Mr Joses stated that we should keep doing these things so that the Armageddon is delayed forever

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