Ghulam Nabi Azad to be awarded Honorary Doctorate in medicine

Ghulam nabi azar to be awarded Honorary doctorate

Ghulam nabi azar to be awarded Honorary doctorate for path breaking work on sexuality and spread of disease "Being Gay" in India

Ghulam Nabi Azad, the Union health minister of India will be awarded Honorary Doctorate in medicine for his path breaking work on sexual orientation and spread of disease called “Being Gay” In India

Azad who recently cited once and for all that “Men having sex with Men” was not only unnatural but also a disease. In his own words “The disease of MSM is unnatural and not good for Indian society. It’s a challenge to identify such people. In case of female sex workers, we can identify the community and reach out to them since they live in clusters. But in case of MSMs, it isn’t always possible.”

Azad also cited his pathbreaking work where he has found that this disease did not exist in India but was introduced by Foreigners. Since Azad is the Union Health Minister of the largest democracy of the world his statements cannot be taken lightly and will be a big tool for anti Gay Right wing in the coming future.

Baba Ramdev has also decided to renew his claim that he can cure gay people through yoga.He might  go on Fast unto death unless every Gay is behind bars or  in hospitals

Anti Gay right groups now want to ban “Being gay” and have urged the minister to put all gay men in hospitals or asylums . They also have suggested that gay men  be locked in rooms with prostitutes until they stop being gay.Many single straight men were excited to hear this plan.

Another Anti Gay Rights activist has suggested Screening foreign tourists at airports for this disease or being gay, the exact methodology has not yet been decided. People are looking up to likes of  Dr Azad and Baba Ramdev,who have proved that Gay people are not normal,  to come up with a system to determine the existence of this disease .

Farzi news Congratulates Dr Ghulam Nabi Azad for his cutting edge work which undermined the work of thousands of doctors,psychiatrists and organizations all over the world including the likes of WHO . Thank you for clearing it all up for us. The world was so wrong before you came


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