Man makes a fortune Getting Offended

Raman , a 32 year old man from Thiruvanthapuram Goa has made a fortune by getting offended on internet.

Raman is known among his ex friends as the one with the short fuse , the one who gets offended on anything ,be it films like PK or random comment about the party he supports . Apart from his online rant, He has the record of getting offended at a bull for disliking the color Red only and called it racist .He was once found beating a person who called him violent , while he prides himself as  a Gandhian .

But as luck would have it, his talent was recognized and he was hired by a social media company as the professional “Always Offended” . His job included finding things to get offended about in politics, sports and religion , the agency then used these topics to weave a social media marketing campaign around it for it’s clients which include the likes of political parties to religious organizations backing those political parties.

Raman was very recently promoted as the head of the “Always offended” group and now trains various socio-political organizations on the art of getting offended. He reportedly earns more than the highest package offered to even IIM and ISB grads in India.

troll job

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He might even be travelling onsite(US) to teach the westerners the fine art of getting offended , Indian Style

Raman hopes that his success would inspire regular people like him to take this new career path of getting offended.

We are trying to get an interview with Raman, please leave your questions below and we will get Raman to answer them


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