Court confirms , Gay man’s crimes to be forgotten because he is gay

The Supreme Court has confirmed that crimes committed by Sumant , a gay married man from Delhi accused of various crimes such as dowry harrasment ,physical violence and mental torture of his wife, will be forgiven and forgotten.

The court confirmed that the public debate would be not on how the man was evil but on how he was a Gay man and how his desires were suppressed by the cruel society ,how he felt oppressed and victimised ,thus making him violent .

The court further added that this would turn into a debate on article 377 ,completely ignoring the fact that the man in question is a criminal . The crimes committed by the man would be somehow justified in the public eye.

RapeThe court is already advising the wife and her family to forget about the case because it would sooner or later be dismissed and only give the gay husband celebrity status, who eventually may end up writing a best seller book on his struggles and coming out.


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  1. koyal says:

    True state on India…Forgetting that the guy is Gay does not imply that the guy is innocent…he is a criminal

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