Gay Cure: Marry boys early ,says Chautala

After agreeing to Khap Panchayat’s proposal that a solution to rape is to marry girls earlier Chautala Ji, the Chief Minister of Harayna has now said that possible cure of boy’s turning gay would be to marry Prevent being Gay Chautala stylethem young. Like he supports decreasing marriageable age of  girls from 18 to least rape prone age  , he also floated the idea that the disease of being Gay can be cured if marriageable age of boys is also lowered

He also mentioned that there were no Gays in Mughal times , hence the logic holds .

It is not clear to which age do they want to reduce the marriageable age to  but we suspect that it will lead to legalization of child marriages

Also he might get ample support from center as India’s Health Minister Ghulam Nabhi Azad is already looking towards solving the Gay issue (Finding a cure)

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