Man contemplates between Lawsuit and Murder for friends who ousted Game of Thrones Spoiler

Game of Thrones

Shashank , A great game of thrones fan recently got the shock of his life when his he read an innocent facebook post by one of his friends only to find that it was a game of thrones spoiler. The friend posted it without even mentioning #SpoilerAlert . Shashank noticed that not only him but many of his idiotic friends had posted the same spoiler , running the lives of countless people.

Knowing what happened in game of thrones even before he watched the show had a detrimental effect on Shashank, he started getting extreme mood swings ,sometimes getting enraged enough to kill his friends or cut himself to being indifferent to the whole TV series culture .Reportedly he even contemplated suicide.

Finally Shashank reached a state where he could no longer sit still and do nothing. He started by unfriending some of his friends but the disease caught on and many new friends started sharing the spoiler.It was as if it was a virus that had no cure.

It was perhaps the worst day of my life–Said Shashank

As we speak, Shashank is contemplating some drastic steps, he is thinking if to file a PIL lawsuit or simply seek quick revenge by Murdering the friends who posted Game of Thrones spoiler.

We at the news agency sincerely hope he choses the non-violent way and would be happy to connect him with other aggrieved people harmed by Game of thrones spoilers


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  1. jh says:

    death i say

  2. ram says:

    Kill Kill Kill them all

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