Gajendra Chauhan preparing a brilliant speech to counter detractors

Gajendra Chauhan the newly appointed chairman of FTII is in midst of a controversy. People claim that he does not have the qualification or the stature to head FTII .The Government has tried to explain to the dumb junta that he is free these days and hence can devote more time . He has also acted as Yudhisthira in India’s most famous TV serial Mahabharata .

One government spokesperson even said that “playing the part of Yudhishthira , Gajendra Chauhan also imbibed some of his qualities . He is like a King, always fair , always humble, always truthful and ready to kill for what he thinks is rightfully his.


By [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

But nothing seems to be working, hence Chauhan , inspired by Hon’ble HRD minister Smriti Irani, is planning to deliver a great speech. A speech that will put to rest all allegations of “un-fit for job” to rest, a speech so good that it will go viral online, a speech that powerful that it will put his credentials (or lack of it) in the back burner and hence forward will be associated with him .

He will be known not as the unqualified FTII chairman, but a brilliant orator who delivered that speech

If Smriti Irani is fit for the job of an HRD, why cant’t he be fit to lead FTII? –asked Chauhan.

People opposing Chauhan’s appointment are just hypocrites



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