6 Things Indian Advertisements Taught us this year

6 must-know facts which you can learn from recent TV- Indian advertisements:

1) If you see some women on street who have one side of their face having a different skin shade than other side, don’t think of it as a latest fashion trend, they are actually the result of fairness cream experiments

2) Some shocking news for milk drinkers; nutrients of milk have been completely wasted since thousands of years since there were no bournvita, boost, complan etc around. But now since these milk supplements are available, the world is saved.

3) Utensil cleaning industry is doing through major path-breaking inventions. Especially dish cleaning bars, each bar is claimed to be lasting for decades at once. And one drop of dish cleaning solution needs to be added to whole pacific ocean and the whole ocean can be used for cleaning utensils for next few millennia.

4) Salt and lemon have already been added to our toothpastes. Next in line are pickles, lettuce, beetroot and other salad items. In very near future you would have customized toothpastes available such as Pizza Toothpaste, cheese burger toothpaste or even shoe-polish toothpaste (for special tastes)

5) Some new-age pubs have been established which serve music CDs on the table instead of drinks and some customers even consume them as such.

6) Cooking oil companies are now making products that are just an inch away from claiming that they can infact lower your cholesterol and even cure heart diseases. There goes my oats packet in dustbin.

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