5 things about guys most women wont accept as true

5 things about guys most women wont accept as true


1.They do think THAT way about friend zoned guys:
Ever heard—you are just a friend. That may be true but that doesn’t really mean things cant happen. Well if boys are boys so Friend zone explainedare girls are girls.Why cant they think of a friend as something more
When you say its hard to get out of friend zone,the truth of matter is the girl doesn’t want you to get out of it . Reasons might be different varying from she doesn’t like you or she you didn’t fit that BF criteria or you are her backup plan 😉 but yes if shes single, she has evaluated you

2.You want it if you don’t have it:
Accept it girls, you like what you cant have. You want the guy who doesnt pay attention, who seems not to care and maybe is already engaged;). Rest all guys are Friend Zoned.

3.There are moments to propose :
Yes you got it right. Most girls don’t have seasons are times to propose but a moments. You want to propose to someone , propose her when shes really In to you(not literally). The moment you see that shine in her eye when you gave her a flower,thats when you need to pop the question. Any other time you might hear a BIG NO , mostly because either she is confused or again you are to be friendzoned

4.Nice guys do finish last:
OH yeaaah .Most girls seem to want a guy who is caring,charming and understanding but still run after the opposite. The nicest guys are always friendzoned while they run after the fruit they cant have. They tend to stick around with guys who treat them bad, disrespect them and yes generally make their lives miserable way longer than natural while the friendzoned guy is waiting in the wings

5.Most women will be furious till they reach this point 😛 .


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