Find the news contest by Times Of India

India’s leading website Times of India that also serves news has started a new contest called “Find the news”. TOI spokesman said that

It will be like a treasure hunt , with many clues , some real some deceptive

The format of the contest would be to challenge users to find any one piece of real news article on their website . First person to find a news article which is not paid for or which is not an advertisement will win direct admission in IIPM college where they will be taught to think beyond news.

To make it more difficult TOI will be putting extremely annoying popup ads which not only will cover the entire screen but also will be almost impossible to close. The ads will not only overlap the content but also move the content completely o random intervals. An example as shown on Live TOI website is given below. For practice readers are highly encouraged to scroll through actual TOI site. It is already readyTimes on india Unitech annoying ad


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