Fearing Hypocrisy Accusations, man decides to not protest against any injustice

Ramu is a confused man, he was recently moved by the horrific deaths of innocents in Palestine and decided to voice his concerns about it on Facebook ,only to be accused of hypocrisy because he had not earlier expressed anger over terrorist attacks all over the world.

His friend Remo explained him the rules of the game or rules of protest

  1. If you protest against 1 innocent killing , you should have protested against all innocent killings in the past
  2. If you protested against 1 innocent killing now, you have to protest against all innocent killings in future
  3. Unrelated killings are not to be ignored , such as you cannot just talk about middle east, you have to keep tab of Pakistani Muslims ill treating hindus , bangladeshis being discriminated against , american aggression
  4. It does not matter if your protest can have any effect, eg You may think that protesting against a state might put pressure on that state, but then you will also have to protest against lawless terrorists , even though by definition they are terrorists

In case you do not follow all these three points, you can be accused of being a “Sikular” and  hypocrite . Your points would be ignored and your voice will not matter.

In more simpler example Remo said: If you protested say against a particularly heinous rape case , you should have protested against all rapes in past and you should protest against all rapes in future, else you are a hypocrite.

Looking at the complexity of this process and the commitment required for a simple voicing of his opinion, Ramu has decided to not voice them from now on.

He wonders sometimes,if he does not have the right to protest , who has?

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