Arts student sues Farzi News for asking him 17+22=?

Website sued for asking Arts student to do maths

Michale Tsunami Shinchan has sued Farzi news(us)  for making our website inaccessible to Arts major.This entire drama started after we changed out captha briefly .

What is a captha?

Well when you try to comment on any website they generally ask you to copy the letters in an image into a text box.Thats called a captha. This is done to prevent nots from commenting automatically. We were lately getting too bothered by spam and decided to implement this.But instead of asking our users to read some  confusing text we asked them to solve simple mathematics questions such as what is 1+1.

But guess what? someone didn’t like it.

In his statement Michale said that this is discriminatory,

Wierd Wiered world.Farzi news sued

Wierd world, we are being sued for asking what is 1+2

“it’s ok to ask 1+2 but i was appalled when i saw they expected me to solve 17+22
What type of signal are they sending? That arts is not important? That Maths is everything?
Why don’t they show monalisa and ask the name of the painter.I haven’t studied maths because I never chose to, am I less that you in anyway?
This capthcha essentially Bars me from commenting “

Michael said that Farzi News is discriminating against Arts students and unnecessarily favoring Maths majors.
Why do I need to have a calculator to add a comment to this stupid website.I cant be heard if I cant do maths?”Asked Michael to our teary eyed staff.
Michael is suing us on behalf of all Non Maths major students all over the world, which potentially means he will sue us for at least a billion dollars(Which Michael intends to keep, on behalf of all non maths major students).

Stocks of farzi news(we dont have em yet ,but what if we had?)  plunged to record low after hearing this news.We are yet to hear from us.

We have removed the captha …hello Bots…

We still dont know what to do and how to respond, we never thought this day would come but if we loose this case we probably are shutting down and our bloddy stupid owner is going to jail for life and leaving us jobless

Help and suggestions needed

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