Facebook’s Big Data Challenge: Should Times of India be tagged Satire

Facebook is mulling over introducing a Satire Tag for all satire , funny and fake news articles . This is aimed to prevent people falling for fake news stories and making a fool of themselves .

This is done because Facebook feels that there are enough people who can fall for stories such as Lie detectors not working on Consultants , or Rajma Chawal can be linked to Autism or that Arnab Goswami is creating enough noise pollution to kill birds and people might actually think that Poonam Pandey will strip if Infosys become’s India’s number 1 IT company.

Though it is easy to blanket Tag all articles from sites like Onion and Farzinews as satire , facebook is stuck with a unique problem with Times of India. All algorithms written to auto detect satire seem to always Tag times of India articles as Satire . If facebook relaxes the algorithms a little, various news articles from officially satire news sites seem to slip in as actual news.

Times on India is the leading “Actual” news site of India and it’s web portal is perhaps the most visited news site in India. Tagging it as satire would be disastrous as almost entire news feed of various Indians would be filled with Satire Tags.

On a side note , Facebook is also mulling if the satire tag is indeed correct for Times of India. It is open to suggestions that : Times of India is primarily a satire news site  , set up as a giant social satire experiment to see how far they can go.

Facebook is inviting all Big Data scientists and researchers to come up with an algorithm that can help them prevent tagging sites like Times on India as satire , without missing actual satire.



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