Executioner as a career back in fashion?

With the spate of swift executions in India, executioner as a career option is again picking up.
There was a time when India had only 1 or 2 executioner’s who got a chance to test their skills rarely and sometimes only once in a life time but now it seems there is space for more.

At this very moment India has only 1 executionerexecution hangman

On condition of anonymity , one executioner hopeful told that the market was great and the competition low.

Initially I used to think that as an executioner , I might never be able to utilize my skill sets but now it seems I not only can practice but also hone them to perfection.

When we asked what will he do when there are no executions, he replied that an executioner will have many transferrable skill sets which can be used in corporate world.

Think about it, an executioner has to be ruthless, detached emotionally to the victim, ready to do the dirty job and extremely insensitive. Perfect skills to join corporate or government.Maybe Insurance companies or auditors or maybe even managers

We spoke to a some people about the job requirements and they said that some of the most important characteristics an executioner must possess apart from emotionally detached are

Late night/early morning work: Though executions happen in the morning shift ,an executioner needs to come really early or start work really late night to prepare

Flexible: This is ┬árecent change in the industry. Now executions can happen suddenly and the executioner can be called in anytime. An executioner has to be ready 24×7. Work first family next should be his mantra if he wishes to grow

Another thing that is now surfacing in this industry is the gender inequality.Why are there no women HangMans…well HangWoman


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