Entering Infosys more difficult than entering US

Our undercover reporters have reported that entering US is now officially easier than entering the gates of Infosys.

Infosys in it’s zeal for security, has finally been able to achieve this distinction of the most secured place after maybe the locker where Coke formulae is stored.

Our unverified reports tell us that a normal employee is searched 3-4 times before reaching his/her desk infosys policiesand this check includes Xray machine check for bomb detection.

The list of items not allowed even till the gate has now expanded to include things such as personal laptops .You can carry more items on a plane to US than inside Infosys’s Gates

As per rumor mongers more changes are in pipeline, namely

1. Banning of any personal item, including a wallet and medicines(Only company approved stuff)

2.Luch boxes and food(Company approved lunch with deductions directly from salary)

3.Alternate clothes: All employees will be required to change into company provided clothes which will be disinfected and will be without any pockets

4. Cellphones/communication devices: No communication devices will be allowed inside anywhere

Rumor mill also suggests that some employees might slowly get sucked into the system and start living inside the campus only. The company might legally adopt them and is preparing to remodel their desks for sleeping at night. Sort of perpetual work. A warden(from HR) might be appointed to wake them up every morning

This will lead to better focus of employees on work and increase in productivity. What is not clear is that will these changes take place immediately to cope up with current crises or gradually to make it a long term strategy.

Other IT companies to follow suite

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5 Responses

  1. Bhavik Shah says:

    for former n later, empty brains r allowed.. 😛

  2. Bhavik Shah says:

    for former n later, empty brains r allowed.. 😛

  1. August 22, 2014

    […] Entering Infosys Campus more difficult than Entering US […]

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