You could be elvis Presley’s or kishore kumar’s avatar

Facebook a window to your past life

you could be him

Always though you shared something in common with your favorite star who died before you were born? You might have more than just a passing relation to him/her. In what may be the most innovative research in astrology,metaphysics,rebirth and social media, it has been proved that your Facebook might just be a window to your past life.

Pandit Jaswinder ,a famous astrologer along with Dr Robert ,a social media expert ,has claimed to have completed a study that can predict your past looking at your Facebook activity like status updates,shared videos,your tagging habits and most importantly poking habits.

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your status updates can tell you about past lives




Find below the transcripts of our interview with Pandit Jaswinder:

1. Our Reporter: So can you please explain what is the science behind this?

Pandit Jaswinder: Celebrities invariable seek publicity.Irrespective of what they do in personal and professional life,whatever comes out is basically for publicity,may it be their medical reports,reports of a scrapped knee,affairs or a new film , etc. These habits stick to the person even in next births and can be gauged by looking at Facebook activity.People unconsciously follow these instincts.Every celebrity has a distinct way of seeking publicity such as self loathing,the charming one,semi nude pics,affairs,intellectual etc. We look at the tell tale signs in a persons online behavior and compare with celebrities


2. OR: So how do you find out which celebrity a person is?

PJ: We look at Social media activity,factor it astrological conditions at the time of birth and compare it with celebrities who died before the persons was born to evaluate which celebrity the person could really be


3. OR: So is everyone an avatar of some celebrity

PJ: Oh no no,everyone was not a celebrity in past birth,like fans copy their idols, people in social media also copy the real Avatars by copying their status messages,copying profile pic styles ,using the same apps they use and most importantly tagging their idols in every picture they have .


4 OR: So you are saying people who unnecessarily tag people are not avatars

PJ:Yes, see when you tag people even when they are not in that pic such as your own pic ,you are basically drawing attention and asking people to see it,this is a classic sign of a struggler and not a celebrity


5. OR:Any signs that are common to celebrities

PJ: Poking,yes if you poke more, chances are you were a celebrity. Poking is unnecessary,nonsensical ,hidden from general public but still generates publicity. Our first criteria is to check of the person is a compulsive poker


6. OR: Thanks a lot Pandit Ji,it was very very informative.We would like to congratulate you on this amazing finding. One last question, how can people find out which celebrity they were

PJ:Thanks. We do that evaluation for them but again it is a very complex science and requires a lot of research and time. We evaluate every case before taking it up.If anyone wishes to get himself/herself evaluated they can reach out to us

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