IT dudes leaves Software job to start tie rental business

Rent a tie

Forgot your tie? Tie rental at your service

Shambhu Sheralal is a happy man, he along with 2 other friends finally quit his job at infosys to become an enterprenuer . They recently lauched a night dressing Kiosk for IT profeesionals.

Asked to elaborte further Shambhu said that this kiosk will help poor IT engineers forced to come to office at night to dress appropriatly and follow the dress code of their company.

See companies now require employees to be in full dress code even if they are called for an emergency at dead of the night. For eg if you are in infosys and your project bombs at onsite deployment and you need to go to office at 2 AM monday night, you cannot enter unless you are wearing a Tie.Clarified Shambhu.

It’s a growing market, we plan to start kiosks outside campuses of major IT companies where we will provide accesories such as Pants,leather shoes and Most importantly trendy ties. Ties are something most employees forget especially when coming to office in such hot weathers. These kiosks would be open 24×7. Said Shambhu

When asked about pricing shambhu told us about his unique pricing model ,the company plans to charge 50% of the fine amount thatt employee would have had to pay for violating dress code  or 50% of petrol cost saved to go back to fetch a stupid tie. It will be an homor system and we will go by the word of the customer, unlike companies , we will trust our customers .We also plan to come up with monthly subscriptions that would include unlimited number of rentals

Shambhu said that currently they will stock the folowing things

  • Pants/Fake Pants that can pass as pants to teh security guards
  • Ties—A huge collection, from actual ties to sticky types that just stick to your shirt and even life sized tie stickers that can be stuck to the shirt
  • Chunnis and Dupattas for women
  • Shirts…Fill sleeved, plain,striped,checked. Available in many colors to suite your mood such as
  • Red: “Stay away else i bug your code” mood,
  • Yellow: “Oops i did it again” Mood
  • Green : “Stupid onsite , cant run a debug and earns 10 times me” Mood
  • Black: “Somebodys gonna get hurt real bad and wont even know I did it” Mood

Later we will expand as Dress code of companies expand, we are banking on IT companies to make combing hair for men and use of eye liners/basic makeup and nailpolish for women as cumpolsory.

Also we are pushing for declaring the following things against dress code and hope we will succeed

  • Non leather wallets
  • Less than 10 rs denomination notes
  • Khakhi pants in winters
  • Non-Cotton pants in summers
  • non matching pant and shirt
  • non matching ties
  • Out of fashion colors such as green this year

Ideally we hope that All companies start screening employees based on fashion sense before letting them inside.That will be heaven for us

When asked about Hygine concerns because employees might be sharing ties etc shambhu gave us an epic statement which  clearly explains his businesss philosophy

Quoting Shambhu

If you are forced to come to office at 2 AM just because your awesome onsite anchor cannot even understand a Log file written in plain english ,you travel 20 miles to get there and then you are refused admission because you forgot a freaking Tie, you start hating your life and cursing yourself for being stupid enough to be in software company…that time, exactly that time you just want to get that damn program working and not stupid hygine.


We wish shambhu Luck. So if tommorow you see a man renting ties outside your company, dont laugh, that could be shambhu who now works even at nights but for a profit.Longer he stays ,more he works, finally the world makes  sense to him again.





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  1. sun says:

    This is a very good business model…could actually work

  1. August 2, 2011

    […] see IT Dude starts Tie rental service for IT guys Dont Miss these ones :IT dudes leaves Software job to start tie ren… Tags: Chintu, coffee […]

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