IT dude sets record by not restarting windows based PC for 2 weeks

Bangalore: Raman working with Infosys recently set a record of sorts by not re starting his company provided laptop for two weeks straight without crashing it.

This news spread like wildfire among software professionals and motivated other engineers to try similar feats. Last record was or 10 days held by Surinder from TCS which she set back in 2008 . Many people tried to break it but no one succeeded until Raman.

It is to be noted that software engineers have sort of a underground community where My computerthey keep track of such un official records. Getting into this community is tough and owing to its secrecy people can join only by referrals.

When we asked Raman about his strategy ,he told us that the basic rule is to not touch anything.

See I was on bench so did not really have to do anything ,plus I made sure I disabled all softwares installed by my company’s IT department and that proved to be my master stroke.

Raman is now being approached by various laptop manufacturers to endorse their brand of PC.

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