Drunk Women more Dangerous than Drunk Men(Hyderabad bans women in pubs after 10)


Hyderabad just released a new law that bans women from pubs and bars after 10 PM. The reason cited was that women get drunk and fight with autowallahs

When farzinews tried to reason with the authorities this the letter we received

Dear farzi Admin,

Thank you for writing to us asking for clarification on the rule to Ban women after 10 PM and not men.We were anyways looking for  a platform like yours to send the message across.

See, the main issue is that women get drunk and then start fighting with autowallahs and other people. We warned many of them a few times but they did not listen. Recently we came to know that an auto wallah cried after going home after having a fight with a drunk women. Such behavior is not acceptable in our society. These drunk women are anyways a nuisance for the society.

Men also fight but men fight like men not like women. There is a difference.Women are more dangerous since they use words and not fists and bats to fight like men. Men only wound others physically , women do it at an emotional level. Would you like to see someone cry ?

Also our results say that maximum fights happen after 11, hence we want women to be home before that. Come on they have to cook too, we are just helping them balance their work life.

I hope this clarification is enough to convince you that we hold no malice towards women, we are committed to protection and well being of the people


Hyderabad Police


What are your views on this?

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